Titles for online videos for “Undressing Disability” produced by Enhance The UK. In their own words…

Having a disability can be a very isolating experience. As well as physical barriers, there is still a huge amount of prejudice towards disability amongst the general public. People often hold the misguided notion that disabled people can’t, don’t or won’t have sex. There is a stigma that unfortunately is often internalised by disabled people who often suffer with self esteem problems as a result.

This title was to be used for an offshoot called “UD Events” and took a departure from the main titles which had a more subtle/muted aesthetic. Special attention had to be taken to be accessible to all disabilities especially those with visual impairment. I tried to keep to a theme of disrobing, and thought that the word “events” brings the idea of fun to mind. Therefore we went a bit playful for this one and I ended up simulating a zip and latex/PVC type material which was a first! The final result does what’s needed though, it gets your attention.

Some alternate colour schemes incorporating the important high contrast and clear lettering.

Created in Blender.